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  • How do I sign up for a course?
    To sign up for a course you need to send an email to indicating which course you are signing up for in the email. We only have space for 12 students and the slots fill-up quickly. Once we receive your email we will provide an application and request a deposit to hold your spot. A link will be sink to make your non-refundable deposit of $250. Once we receive your deposit we will provide travel information, course outlines, what to pack suggestions and answer any other questions.
  • Where do I stay during the course?
    You will stay with us on our campus! We have a bunkhouse with two rooms. Each side sleeps 6 people. There are indoor and outdoor showers as well as additional bathrooms outside. We are in rural Nicaragua and showers are cold water only. Our rooms are equiped with fans and bunk beds.
  • How much does the 3-week course cost?
    The 72-hour permaculture course costs $1, 750.00. We only have space for 12 students and the slots fill-up quickly. In order to hold your slot we require a non-refundable deposit of $250. You can pay the complete cost of the course or make payment arrangements. You may cancel up to two weeks prior to the course. Your money will be refunded with the exception of the $250 deposit or we will reschedule you for a later date.
  • What is included in the course?
    In addition to covering all the permaculture principles (i.e. design process, ethics, principles, techniques and strategies to any situation, climate and grow zone) you will be introduced to aquaponics concepts and black solider fly production for personal and commercial use. We have several local experts who will be providing additional day seminars during the course. Topics range from compost solutions to sustainable building principles (cob and earth-bag builds, etc. ) to bee keeping. Part of your course includes "Permaculture: A Designers' Manual" by Bill Mollison
  • Are there additional costs?
    The following are additional costs that you will need to plan for in advance: -Transportation to our location-Flight and taxi/bus (we can help with local taxi or bus information) -Travel Ins.- You are required to purchase travel insurance prior to arrival. -Spending money for adventures on off days, dining out (should you choose to...) We live in a gorgeous area of Nicaragua with several well known surf breaks. There are many opportunities for adventure during your off time. We can help arrange your transportation. Your cost includes: the course, lodging, 3 meals a day
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