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of Eden

School and Education Center
Landscape Design & Consultations 
~We design and install landscapes that honor you and honor the land. 

~Want to learn how to grow your own food organically?
~Want  to live a more sustainable lifestyle and not be reliant on big industries?
~We will teach you! Sign up for your course now.

Our mission is to educate people (like you) from around the world in permaculture principles; a sustainable method of designing your land in a natural way to promote food production.

Guasacate, Nicaragua   |   +505 8394 8941  |

We offer a 72-hour certification course in  permaculture with an introduction in aquaponics. We also work with our local community to provide workshops and field-trips.

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Hi, we are Michael and Paula Lindsey. Nice to meet you! Over the past few years we have been immersing ourselves in the principles of sustainability. Join us in this journey.

Our focus is in permaculture, creating food forests using sustainable methods while maintaining the beauty in your landscape design. I am available for consultation, design and installation. You can reach me through email at or Tel/WhatsApp: 505-8394.8941


"Garden of Eden welcomed our kindergarten kids with so much warmth and enthusiasm. Our visit was incredible, hands-on, playful and endlessly interesting for both parents and kids. What a team, Michael brings the science and Paula makes it approachable and fun for the kids! It is truly miraculous to see with our own eyes the intelligence of nature if treated with the reverence it really deserves from us humans."


Escuelita Zantli

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